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Whilst cycling with us you may wish to take part in one of the many sportives held in the region. Send us an email to let us know which event you are interested in and we will help arrange with your registration and the travel to and from the event.

The sportives are exceptionally well organised, taking you along quiet roads and depending upon where the sportive is held differing terrain. The entrance fee usually includes a gift ranging from jersey, t shirt, bottle of wine. Food and drink stations are frequent on the routes and an after event repas is normally included in the price too.

L’Ariegeoise is perhaps the largest cyclosportive in the area, attracting cyclists from all over the world. 2016 has 4 distances the longest covering in excess of 160km and over 3300m of climbing, a truly fantastic cycling fete taking you through some of the most beautiful mountain scenery.

Road CC comments:–

Cycling Weekly – 17 of the best international sportives to ride in 2017:-

2016 saw the launch of a new cyclosportive – The Figure of Hate – the inaugural event was open to a small field. This, we are sure, will be an up and coming event – approx 195km and approx. 4000m of climbing, taking you over some of the hardest terrain that the Pyrenees has to offer.
Amedical certificate signed by your doctor is required.
You will need your own insurance



Ronde Castraise 30/4/2017 63km,986m /96km,
1753m /133km,2336m

L’Audoise 25/5/2017 136km 2100m/100km 1470m/61km 790m
L’Albigeoise 28/5/2017 149km2032m /97km 910m /68km 655m

La Marion Clignet 10/6/2017  142km 1500m/92km

La Ariegeoise 24/6/2017 DISTANCES TO BE CONFIRMED 170km,4314m /158km,3588m /107km /2645m /73km

La Pyreneenne 2/7/2017 180km 4200m/120km 3000m
La Campilaro 23-25 July 2017 Approx 370km 8300m More


La Laurent Jalabert  20/8/2017 120km 1900m/100km 1200m
Figure of Hate 27/8/201717 95km 2500m 195km 5000m

La Lapebie  2017 TO BE ADVISED /9/2017 69km,1300m /117km,2300m /157km,280m
La Casartelli 10/9/2017 132km,3110m/100km,2370/50km,900m
La Georges Gay   2017 TO BE ADVISED 9/2017 125km 1400m/80km600m
La Tarbaise 2017 TO BE ADVISED/9/2017 110km 1371m/70km 573m